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Ricky Tattoo

on the road


+39 334 537 4841


hey, what’s up? I am in Italy at the moment. You can find me,

at the Shakende Tattoo Studio in the Dolomites, Trentino

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Tattoos are research, study, growth, evolution

My name is Ricky.

I have been working as a tattooist for over 15 years. Since the beginning of my experience, I’ve studied the symbolism of various tattoo cultures; I am fascinated by its history and evolution.

I like to push myself to improve and enrich my knowledge.

Each piece of work is unique and wants to represent the person who will wear it; it’s very personal and made specifically for the individual.

I am now

My studio is in a little town in the north of Italy.

Even if I travel, I always return there several times during the year to keep and continue my work there.

I believe my way of tattooing is constantly growing, every journey makes it evolve a little bit, and I love how this is happening

I am currently in Italy

If you are nearby send me a message,
we will talk about your new tattoo.

Some of my works